5th Grade Gorge Outdoor Classroom

Welcome to the Gorge 5th grade Outdoor Classroom! GBRA has offered fifth grade students this outstanding program to area schools for the last five years. The Outdoor Classroom is designed to provide outdoor experiences that will reinforce earth and life Science TEKS. Topics include sedimentary rock, food webs, water cycle, land and water ecosystems, and landforms. Outdoor Classrooms vary in the number of stations offered, dependent upon the time block that a school can spend at the site and the number of students. The cost of the Outdoor Classroom is $5/student.

During school year 2019-20, we are expanding our calendar to eleven weeks (33 dates) in the fall and fifteen weeks (45 dates) in the spring. Please use the calendar to view available dates for scheduling your campus and then use the Signup Form to submit your request.

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