About GBRA

Established by the Texas Legislature, GBRA was first created in 1933 under Section 59, Article 16 of the Constitution of Texas as a water conservation and reclamation district and a public corporation called the Guadalupe River Authority. In 1935, it was reauthorized by an act of the Texas Legislature (VCS Art. 8280-106) as the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority.

GBRA provides stewardship for the water resources in its ten-county statutory district, which begins near the headwaters of the Guadalupe and Blanco Rivers, ends at San Antonio Bay, and includes Kendall, Comal, Hays, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Gonzales, DeWitt, Victoria, Calhoun and Refugio counties.

Planning and resource development efforts are carefully coordinated within the broader consideration of regional and statewide water needs in order to fulfill GBRA's primary responsibilities of developing, conserving and protecting the water resources of the Guadalupe River Basin.

Vision Statement

The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority leads as a regional partner managing watershed resources to protect and support the needs of a growing population, economy and healthy environment.

Mission Statement

The mission of GBRA is to support responsible watershed protection and stewardship, provide quality operational service, and a commitment to promote conservation and educational opportunities in order to enhance quality of life for those we serve.



  • GBRA will maintain high-quality services for our customers
  • GBRA will remain steadfast to preserving the natural environment
  • GBRA will retain and recruit qualified, professional employees


  • GBRA is dedicated to the continued vitality of our communities
  • GBRA will uphold responsible management of watershed resources
  • GBRA will foster a supportive and respectful workforce


  • GBRA will partner with customers and communities to ensure future water and wastewater needs are met
  • GBRA will implement a basin-wide water management plan to protect water supplies and quality
  • GBRA will invest in our capital and human assets to improve our services and infrastructure to increase the value to our customers

Goals and Strategies

Operational Excellence

  • Safe, Reliable, Sustainable Water Supply
  • Clean, Protective, Innovative Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Quality Services/Resource Protection
  • Hydroelectric Generation
  • Recreation Opportunities

Asset Investment

  • Organizational Enhancements
  • Human Capital Management
  • Infrastructure Management

Strategic Communications & Education

  • Implement Proactive Media / Social Media Relations
  • Execute Beneficial Community Relations
  • Produce Publications / Special Projects
  • Employ Education Programming
  • Produce Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping
  • Implement Marketing Strategies

Resource Stewardship & Policy

  • Non-Profit Affiliations
  • Endangered Species

Compliance notices

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